Chapter 4

Harvesting A
Century of Success

Part One

Seeds of Change

In the 1990s, new software not only transformed how people communicated with each other, but also how they banked. The next 25 years saw debit cards outpace checks, online banking surpass telephone banking, and smartphones make mobile account management possible. We adapted to the quickly changing landscape and made banking easier for our customers.

Part Two

Reaching New Heights

The city passed a $52-million bond in 1998 to meet the demands of the growing population. And we grew too. We consolidated our two locations and built the city's “first skyscraper,” a two-story building at the corner of Central Avenue and Andover Road. On our wall, a mural of Kansas wheat fields reminds us of our community roots.

Part Three

Branching Out

The bank was prospering in the mid-2000s. More than 25 percent of our customers lived in Wichita. To better serve them, we opened a branch in the Waterfront. Our new location came with a new logo, colors and a tagline — “Real. Personal. Service.”

Part Four

100 Years and Counting

Today, we continue to thrive on providing great service, sponsoring your children’s financial education, and supporting community events. Remember us when you need to borrow money or open a new checking account. As we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we thank you for your business all these years. It’s because of you that our doors are still open.